Andaz Press Personalized Fancy Frame Let Love Sparkle Paper

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Andaz Press Personalized Fancy Frame Let Love Sparkle Paper
Size: Let Love Sparkle and let the sparks fly at your wedding. Sold as a pack of 96 gift tags, these personalized tags are easy to slide or tie over each fireworks sparkler as the perfect touch for sending the couple on their married way. Measured at 2-inch, these 96 frame gift tags come in vibrant colors. These personalized Let Love Sparkle tags on your wedding sparklers will make a perfect keepsake for your guests. String not included.
Material: With a matte finish, these high quality Let Love Sparkle tags are made from cardstock paper. It is of durable quality, with a beautiful script clearly stating the message of Let Love Sparkle along with being able to personalize with names and date. Choose from many different vibrant colors to match your wedding, anniversary, bridal shower, or special event with sparklers. This sturdy cardstock is perfect to decorate your sparklers, party favors, or string to adorn your centerpieces.
For Many Occasions: While these Let Love Sparkle tags are perfect as décor for your wedding sparklers, with the custom option, these tags may be used for so much more. With the many vibrant colors to select, pair with gold ribbon or twine. These 2-inch tags can be used to adorn wedding favors, gifts, fireworks sticks, wedding frames and placed with any decor greenery. With the different color options, plan for a rustic outdoor event and use these tags on your fireworks sparklers.
Versatile Style: Select from several different vibrant colors that can be paired with your event decor perfectly. Pair these personalized Let Love Sparkle tags with black paper, white paper, gold paper, blue paper, or any shade as the script on these tags will pop. The party theme can be endless and these custom tags add a personal touch for a wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, birthday party, or engagement party. Order in bulk for larger parties and events.
Custom Design: Don't just place a generic tag on your sparklers as you celebrate your special day with family and friends. Personalize your sparklers with Let Love Sparkle Tags with custom name and date. Packs of 96 tags are sold with a variety of colors to select and pair with any wedding or event decor. Now the big send-off on your wedding day can happen with your wedding sparklers that are personalized just for you.